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We are well aware that the technology of our age can distract Christians from living a simple and peacable lifestyle, but it is our hope and goal for our media to become a blessing for all listeners seeking to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ throughout the week; living in eager anticipation for the gathering of the Saints on Sundays to worship God, sing His praises and listen to the scriptures preached.

There are various ways to listen to the sermons preached here at First Baptist Church:

First, search this website using the sidebar to the right. We have stored years of sermons here and continue to add more each week.

Second, we are currently adding our sermons onto a wonderful website called Sermon Audio. You can listen to our sermons, plus many other churches' sermons on this site. They also have an easy to install app which makes listening on your smart devices easy and quick. You can log onto our webpage at: Sermon Audio.

Third, download your favorite podcast app onto your android device or use the app that now comes with Apple products, and search for our podcast. To view our Podcast on iTunes click here. You can also search using our name: First Baptist Church, Clinton, LA.

Fourth, our blog has many years of sermons to search through. We can be found at: Blogger. Or find our RSS Feed here.

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