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Our Mission

God-Centered Worship: God and His Glory should be at the center of Christian Worship. This means that we should enter worship without the man-centered attitude of "What's in it for me?" Rather than seeking entertainment or being ministered to, we seek to honor God in worship. We sing hymns that declare God's Glorious Person and Works, we pray as children seeking to express our love to our Father, and we hear His Word explained in order to bow to it in our lives.

God-Centered Evangelism: Too much evangelism today emphasizes "What God can do for you...make you happy, pay your bills, make everything easy." This is man-centered evangelism which makes God our "answer man" rather than our Creator, Judge, and Savior. God-centered evangelism focuses on the greatness of God as our Sovereign Creator, the Justice of God as a Righteous Judge against our sins, and the Mercy of God as a Loving Savior from our sins. It calls men to repentance for sinful ways, faith in Jesus Christ as our only escape from the wrath to come, and daily obedience to God's commands to reshape our lives. God-centered evangelism results in Christians who do not ask what God can do for them but what they can do for God.

God-Centered Living: The purpose of salvation in Jesus Christ is not primarily the comfort of the believer. Many gifts come to the Christian such as the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and God's daily care. However, God saves sinners in order to make them saints. Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments." The goal of the Christian is not comfort from all trials in life but faithfulness to God in all trials. True conversion always results in changed lives.